RTI Act 2005, Proactive Disclosure

Last updated on: 15/03/2016

RTI Act, 2005 - Proactive disclosure


Proactive disclosure under Section 4(1)(b) of RTI Act, 2005

      RTI CELL                                    

       Legal Cell

       Statistics Section

       Planning Branch

       Ground Water Cell

       Soil Conservation

       Pension Branch

       Quality Control Lab (P)

       Agriculture Information

      Bill Branch

      Establishment- II

      Establishment- III

      Establishment IV

      Cash Branch

      World Bank Branch

      Seed Branch


      Marketing Branch

      Haryana Operational Pilot Project (HOPP)

       Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA)



Schemes implemented by the department

       Statistics Section (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

       Planning Branch (Scheme in XI Plan )

       Ground Water Cell (I)

       Soil Conservation (I, II, III)

       Agriculture Information (I)

       Seed Branch (I)

       ATMA (I)



Allocation of budget and expenditure

       Statistics Section (1)

       Planning Branch (1)

       Ground Water Cell (I)

       Soil Conservation (I)

       Agriculture Information (I)

       Seed Branch (I)

       RKVY (I)

       ATMA (I)



Beneficiaries under different schemes

       Statistics Section (MNAIS, WBCIS)

       Soil Conservation (I)

       Agriculture Information (I)



Dealers of agricultural inputs/ implements/ machinery


Manufacturers/ formulators of agricultural inputs/implements/machinery

       Soil Conservation (I, II)


Quality testing of agricultural inputs/ implements/ machinery

       Quality Seed

          Availability of Inputs

o         Seed


Procurements made


Public Private Partnership


Transfer policy and transfer orders


RTI Applications

       I , II , III , IV , V ,VI ,VII ,VIII


CAG & PAC Paras


Citizen Charter




Foreign tours





Acts, Rules, Orders, instructions, guidelines used while performing duties

       RTI CELL

       Ground Water Cell I, II, III

       Soil Conservation (I)

      Bill branch (I, II, III)

       Service Rules & Seniority Lists (Administration Section Estt-I to Estt-IV)




Forms for obtaining licences/registration certificates and for claiming benefits under various subsidy schemes run by the department

       RTI Application Form

       Soil Conservation (I)

       Pension Branch (I) (II)

       Bill branch (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII)

       Seed Branch (I)

       Marketing Branch (I)

       Application forms - (Seed /Fertilizers/Insecticide/Soil Conservation/Agricultural mechanization/Sugarcane)



Notifications, Instructions, Guidelines, Circulars (Seed)

Notifications, Instructions, Guidelines, Circulars (General)